Troll Pipe

Developed from the idea of the 'overtone flute', known in Norway as the 'Seljefloyte' (Willow-Flute), the Troll Pipe is very much a 'one man band'. To the pipe itself is attached a single string resonated by means of a small Egyptian tambourine (Riq) pierced by the pipe, the bridge being a scallop shell; from the end of the 'instrument' there dangles an animal bell of uncertain provenance & tonality, though somewhat akin to to the fundamental of the pipe (approximate F) to which the string (bowed to provide a drone, rhythmic or otherwise, with a string of 'ankle bells' held in the bow hand) is also tuned.

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Image: Sedayne telling Kjetta på Dovre (The Cat of Dovre) at Guisborough Priory, Yorkshire on the evening of Saturday 17th June 2006.

Mp3: extract from Troll Pipe improvisation performed by Sedayne in the vaulted cellars of the Small Palace, June 21st 2006 (for Daisuke Suzuki).

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